The primary aim of Benefiting Education of Girls in Nigeria (BEGIN) is to encourage young women from poor families from West Africa specifically Northern Nigeria to get their education before they get married.

Northern Nigeria has the lowest female enrolment into university and the highest high school dropout rate in Nigeria.

Most girls drop out when they are between 13 and 16 years old to get married despite many of them have done well in high school.

We want to change this by raising funds to cover the costs of university tuition for young women, therefore making it possible for more young women from Northern Nigeria to continue their studies at university level.

We also seek to help younger girls from very poor backgrounds to continue to stay in education at elementary school and high school level by helping with expenses such as school uniforms, school fees, feeding and school books. We pay all school-related expenses for the children we sponsor except accommodation.

We aim to help at least four girls every year to continue their studies at university level.

We believe that: